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How CX.AI compares with Qualtrics, Medallia, & Co?

Clarabridge, Challermill, Birdeye, etc

Qualtrics or Medallia


Focus on Customer Feedback Survey

Managed Service, not just a DIY software

Need to DIY or hire an external partner

Need to DIY or hire an external partner

Customized, supervised high-end text analytics

Generic and unsupervised text analytics 

Causal AI-based Driver Analysis

Simple KDA optional

CX.AI is a high-end insights solution – the managed services structure enable the use of more reliable insights tech that may need customization or calibration.

4X Accuracy = 4X Business Results

With so much data available to us, it’s often hard to know what’s important and what’s not.But with CX.AI, you can cut through the noise and understand exactly what your customers want.
How do we do it? In a word: Accuracy.

Most Accurate, Better Than Human

CX.AI’s deep learning system categorizes text-based feedback faster and more accurately than a human.

Most Accurate Predictions

CX-AI predicts what your customers want, even better they even know it themselves.

Most Accurate Financials

Know the financial impact of a customer experience before you enact it. 

With CX.AI you’ll not only get smarter insights faster, but you’ll be able to scale data collection, analysis, and actionable insights better than ever before.

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